Soccer Self Affirmations for Improving Your Confidence

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Who doesn't like compliments?! Soccer Self Affirmations are like the hall of fame of compliments, just the best of the best, created by you of course.

Using Self Affirmations Off the Pitch

We all need some help keeping that confidence up and having a resource you can always revert to and rely on in times of need is important. A list of soccer self affirmations is that resource.

"A list of affirmations from myself to myself? Isn't that kind of weird and made up?" Thought you'd never ask, who knows what makes you tick more than you, what gets you frustrated what makes you feel good and which words of encouragement you need to use to get you going. This is why creating your own list of self affirmations is essential.

How Do I Create a List of Affirmations and What Do I Do With It?


You need to create a top ten list of your best/favorite self affirmations. They don't all need to be soccer related but they can be.


After you've created your top ten list (written in your own ink) make 3 or 4 copies of this paper and post it around places where you know you'll see it. Places like by your computer, in your boot bag, on the fridge, in the bathroom and wherever else you know you will see it.

Got the Idea? Here's a couple examples just to be sure:

1. I have a accurate powerful shot

2. I am a terrific leader

3. My fitness is unmatched

4. I am a caring brother/sister

5. I'm a creative and smart decision maker

6. Nobody will stop me from reaching my goals

7. I'm a world class dribbler

Now these are just examples, use what is true for you and there is one key thing about this list, make it real! Believe the words you put on this paper so every time you read them it speaks volume and makes you feel confident and sure of yourself and your abilities. You need to truly believe in these affirmations or it's just a bunch of useless words on a piece of paper.

As time passes you will read these affirmations everyday, and they will be so ingrained in your head that you will go to this list whenever you have a sliver of doubt about your game. True pro's use this technique, I do and so do many more, so if you think it's dumb or useless then i guess it's not for everybody, neither is playing pro.

Using Self Affirmations On the Pitch

Now we know how to use affirmations off the field but what about when we get on the pitch and emotions are running wild and our temper gets the best of us, then what? Have no fear, on the field there are techniques we can use to calm ourselves and get our complete focus back.

While playing professionally when I was younger I had this problem, I'd get all frustrated at times and lose my focus, and with that my game suffered until I started using a mental CUE to get myself back on track. Cue? do tell.

So first think of two of your affirmations, the two that mean the most to you, and anytime you get frustrated you'll do a certain action to trigger these two soccer self affirmations.

What sort of action? It can be anything really things such as:

-clapping your two hands together


-snapping a wrist band

-a deep breath

As soon as you use your action cue, your affirmations come to mind and you stay focused and get back on track.

For Example.....

*Ref makes a bad call (one of many)*

Now the old you gets all worked up, says something, loses focus and your day is shot.

So this is what to do from now on. (remember your two affirmations)

*You give the ball away out of bounds*

You stop, clap together with your two hands, say your two affirmations in your head and away you go on with the game. Forgetting it and moving on.

Remember this won't happen overnight, developing your mental game is just like the physical and technical part of the game, it takes time to train, but the rewards are limitless.

These soccer self affirmations are used by pros whether you realize it or not. It's a part of developing your mental game and pros take it seriously as should you if you have aspirations of getting on to the next level.

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