Create a Soccer Journal Like Any Great Pro

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Some of the best memories of your life are on the pitch. A soccer journal lets you relive those times and give yourself an important career long tool to raise your game to another level.

Thinking back to all of your soccer days from the beginning to now, it more or less seems like it flew by and is one giant blur. But when you put things on paper and look back at them later on, you realize how many good times and moments you've had and how far you've come.

"Don't worry I have a memory like an elephant, what else can a Soccer Journal be used for besides recording what happened?"

Well lots of things, for example:

Self Confidence

-Looking back on past accomplishments both team and individual can boost your confidence in times of doubt. This brings back memories of the hard work and tireless hours spent to achieve certain things reminding you that you are a special player and why you worked so hard.

A Laugh

-We play because it's fun. If it weren’t then we wouldn't play and sometimes we need a reminder of that. Looking back on past teammates, pranks and funny moments can make you remember why we play and love this game so much. Plus it feels good to reflect on the clowns you use to play with.


-If you need that spark this is just the thing you need to get going. Whether coming off an injury or moments of uncertainty, reflecting on things you've done and things people have said about you can really give you that motivation to get going again.


-In case there was any doubt, reflection is the better half of a man. Erase all doubt about who you are, what you've done and what you still have to achieve by giving yourself that sense of reassurance while flipping through some old pages of your soccer journal.

Visualization and Mental Imagery Accuracy

-While replaying moments in your head and practicing your visualization it's important to get every little detail in there. What better way to remember every little detail then reading through it and adding to the accuracy of your mental imagery.

Tracking progress and Setting Goals (S.M.A.R.T)

-Looking back at goals you've set and achieved allows you to set new goals and pave new bricks on the path to becoming the player you want.


-The best part of the game is bonding, life long friendships and long lasting memories. With that said looking through pages of your journals and seeing stories about old teams and old friends plain and simple makes you feel good. If nothing else creating a soccer journal gives you shear and utter enjoyment and great memories.

There are several more reasons to develop something like this but the main thing all of these have in common is they help your game.

As you climb the ranks you will find that you'll look for any little thing to help you get an edge and stay sharp on the pitch every time you step out there. This is one of the many tools that can help you develop a more confident state of mind and a more enjoyable time spent among teammates.

Remember this is yours so make it unique to you!! I could tell you exactly how to set it up and write it but that would take some of the fun out of it. This is yours so go nuts with it, draw pictures, put down quotes, goals, etc. Have fun with it.

You should be cracking a smile every time you open it up either to read it or write something inside of it. Remember write highlights and leave out no details, in a few years time it'll be the best reading material you have.

Do Pro’s Keep A Soccer Journal?

Absolutely. Many of the players (including myself) I’ve played with in the pro ranks kept journals for several different reasons. Some for fun, others to keep their spirits up and others because they knew they wouldn’t player forever and wanted to keep track of every wonderful moment.

The beauty of a soccer journal is that it serves several purposes for different people and no matter where you are taking a trip down memory lane is just a flip of a page away.

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