Fun Soccer Games From Professional Settings You Can Play With Your Friends

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Want some soccer games to play with some friends? Bored of just soccer? Impossible you're right. Nevertheless there are soccer games other then the typical your team versus my team on two goals. These games are played even at the professional level, pro teams I've played on play these all the time for a change of pace and fun.

These games incorporate soccer skills such as controlling the ball, distribution from the ground and air using both feet to accomplish such skills. As fun as they may be they also hit on some key areas of the game in terms of skill development. Before practice, after practice you name it these are done at the professional level every day and all over the world and it doesn't take much to play them, just a ball, some friends and you're good.

Can These Help Me Become a Better All Around Player?

I’ve always believed that it’s not enough to just work hard, you need to put the work in but at game speed or game like intensity.

What this means is playing these games will get you some repetitions with the ball and so on but until you train certain skills at game like speed you’ll never improve the skill, or definitely not as quickly.

Larry Bird (famous basketball player for those of you who live under a rock) always believed that going out and shooting 100 shots before practice did him no good. He wanted to take 100 game like shots, meaning at speed with intensity. This is what you need to apply to these games even though they are for enjoyment mainly, you can only get out of them what you put into them.

Most of them are broken up into two categories, the ones based on scoring goals and the ones not based on scoring goals or making your pals look dumb (my personal favorites)

Games Based on Goals

Wembley/World Cup


Around the World

1 Touch Pass, Cross, Finish

Power Finesse

Bare Arse or Butts Up


Games Not About Goals

(But making people look dumb)

Keep Away (6v2)

Soccer Tennis

Soccer Golf

3 Post

Crossbar Challenge

Keep Up Numbers



Copy Cat

Head, Chest, Foot

Head, Catch

Stall and Pass

Do Pro’s Play Games Like These? And Why?

Absolutely!! I can speak from experience that at the professional level with everything you need to deal with off the field that enjoying the game goes a long way. Playing fun games like this is a great reminder of how fun soccer is.

Before and after training me and some pals would always play a little soccer tennis or keep away to get lose and more importantly for a laugh.

As serious soccer can be at times (even more so at the professional level) you need time to unwind. Playing soccer games gives you a chance not to think about your coach yelling at you or whether or not you’re getting as many minutes as you like. It’s about friends and having a smile on your face and that’s why you and the pro’s do it.

Am I Getting Any Soccer Specific Skills Out of These Games?

If you play enough and look to expand your game every time you play some soccer golf, stall and pass or any of the other soccer games then you can benefit plenty.

Parts of your game that can improve from these games are:

1) Controlling the ball with both feet

2) Playing the ball quickly

3) Non Dominant foot distribution

4) Heading

5) Passing and receiving techniques

Some of These Are So Hard/Easy!

Well if too easy or too hard feel free to change the game up to better suit you. I played several of these just as they are written in Europe but if you need to change it up to challenge your self and your pals more feel free. If you feel it’s too difficult then take an element out that will make you more successful.

Do You Recommend One of These Games? and Which Did You Play the Most at the Pro Level?

Thought you’d never ask. It really depended on how many of my fellow teammates were up for a game.

If it were just two of us then we’d stick to keep up numbers or a round of soccer golf it there was time. We would always put something on the game too, whether it’s buying lunch or

If there were four of us soccer tennis was always the first game we’d want to play. All it takes is a ball some cones and a net, we used a metal net like structure we didn’t have to set up every time.

If there were more than 6 or so we’d play keep away. Complete 21 passes and the pair stays in the middle again. Oh and a sarcastic round of applause for their efforts. In an actual training session power finesse is probably the one we played (or wanted to play) the most. Elements of the game such as shooting with power and placement along with competition and laughter never go out of style.

If we are talking larger numbers then world cup/wembley was always the favorite. 2v2 in and around the 18 yard box elimination, doesn’t get better than that.

These games are ideal when either you don't feel like playing a full sided game or if you don't have numbers and just looking to have some fun with some buddies. The good thing about these games is they are practical, functional and most important always good for a laugh. The beauty of these games is you can change them to suit your numbers or what you're working with.

Remember Why You Play the Game

Soccer is supposed to be fun, and this is what it's all about. If it's not enjoyable you shouldn't be playing, and these soccer games just reinforces the "fun" in soccer and why we all play.

We all play the game to be with friends, push ourselves and most importantly because we enjoy it. When playing soccer games such as the ones above remember we do it because of who we are sharing it with.

Push Your Limits

Although these soccer games are care free and effortless so remember to challenge yourself when working on certain skills you may need to improve. For example, when playing a juggling game or a crossing game or whichever else game, if you have a weak left foot, use only that foot to improve it for when it really counts, on the pitch. Develop the skill that's uncomfortable now to have a better all around game later.

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