Self Confidence Letter for the Aspiring Soccer Pro

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So your self confidence is shot after missing that PK to end your teams season. Now you have the entire off season to let it eat at you every day and night.

The beauty of it is you can do something about it. Maybe that nervous moment got the best of you but take it as a lesson learned the hard way and make sure it doesn't happen again. How? Let me explain.

There are several things you can do to build up your mental strength on the pitch and writing a letter to yourself is one of them.

"A Self Confidence Letter to myself? What am I crazy?" You said it not me, but no you're not crazy, you're smart, well prepared and pro active.

First things first, after you write the letter which I'll explain how in a bit you must give it to a friend and tell them to mail it to you two months or so before your pre season starts for whichever team you're on. Why? Because it will give you that kick in the backside you'll need to increase your training.

What Should I Write About in this Letter to Myself?

Everything and anything to talk yourself up.


-Self Affirmations


-Your current mental state

-Goals you wish to accomplish

-Inspirational Quotes from teammates and coaches

-Motivations for the upcoming season

-Your Role for Next Season (i.e. captain, starter, role player, free kick taker, leader in the locker room etc)

-What you want out of next season both individually and as a team.

-Things that happened in your past season that got under your skin (a loss, the way you played) and how you plan to fix it.

What Am I Gonna Get Out of This?

So you're going to go home and months from now you'll receive this letter in the mail. It will either put a smile on your face and keep you on track or serve as a massive kick in the butt to get yourself in gear for pre season realizing all the things you want to accomplish and haven't yet.

This letter serves as a great:



-Goal Setter

-Way to Reflect


Why Do I Need to Send it to Myself?

Well if you just write it and read it in that moment without sending it to yourself it will be in your mind just for a short period of time.

If you wait to send it or give it to a friend to send it to you a couple months before pre season then you’ll get a jolt of motivation at the right time. During your training you’ll get that little bit of pick me up just in time.

How Long Should It Be?

It can be as long as you want it to be. It really depends on the person and what you want to get out of it. It can be a few paragraphs or sentences all the way to pages long if you like.

The important thing is remembering the purpose of the letter and gear it towards that.

If it’s a motivational letter then make sure to include things that you know that get you going when it’s time to train. If it’s a letter to reflect on the past then remember to include every little detail and feeling to get the most out of it.

Do Pro’s Ever Use Techniques Like This?

Believe it or not, pro’s use self confidence techniques more than anybody. Pro’s are told on a daily basis how they’re performing and they’re confidence swings from one day to the next.

Having tools like this one to use when times are tough goes a long way when dealing with times of doubt and uncertainty.

Whether you’re a pro or aspiring to be one there’s value in writing a self confidence letter to yourself to boost your spirit and moral.

It may not work for your but for many it does and it’s that type of trial and error it takes to find out what works for you and what doesn’t. If it doesn’t then you’ll always know, if it does then your game could be elevated to a place you never thought possible.

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