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Kicking a soccer ball no matter which level you’re at takes time to master considering all the different ways there is to do it.

Before you can learn never mind master a skill you need to know the inside and outs of it and what type of kick does what. No pianist starts to learn songs and music without knowing which keys on the piano do what.

Ways to Kick a Soccer Ball

There are several ways to hit a ball depending upon what you want to accomplish on the field. A shot, pass, cross, through ball and clearance all involve kicking a soccer ball in a different fashion. They include:

1. Kicking the ball with Power

You will kick the ball for power generally when you are shooting a ball on goal or clearing a ball out of your defensive third.

This includes a big wind up, and a big follow through using the top of your foot for the shot and inside of your foot for a defensive clearance.

2. Kicking the ball using Placement

When placing a ball for a shot, pass or cross it’s important to remember that the inside of the foot on both feet is where all of these passes stem from.

Majority of your kicks in a match will be with the inside of your feet so to be successful this must become second nature to you.

This kick of the ball is executed when you keep your foot flexed and use the middle of the inside of your foot.

3. Kicking the ball with Curve

Curving the ball can be used for several different situations and either side of the foot will accomplish this. Pro’s use it all the time in different situations whether it be a pass, shot or anything else.

This will be your least used was of kicking a soccer ball on the pitch but as time goes on and your game improves you’ll be using it more and more.

Hitting the outside of the ball creating a spinning motion makes the ball curve.

Parts of Your Foot To Kick a Soccer Ball With:

So which part of your foot should you use to play the game with? All parts of course, except those hang nails of your of course, ever heard of a nail clipper? I kid I kid, here are all the parts of the foot you can use in the game.



-Top (laces)



As you can see you use every part of your foot in the game whether it’s kicking, controlling or anything else the game throws at you it’s important to develop skill with all parts of your feet.

Hitting Different Parts of the Ball

There are several parts of the ball you can hit to make it move in different ways whether it be along the ground, looping in the air, driven mid body or whatever else.

The different ways to hit the ball are:

Under the ball – Getting under the ball and hitting the bottom third of it makes it lift up high in the air up and over players.

Middle of ball – Hitting the ball in the middle will generally keep it low for the most part unless hit with some real force may make the ball rise a little or even knuckle in certain cases.

Side of the ball – Hitting the side of the ball with some force will make the ball spin and curve in any way you desire.

I Keep Kicking the Ball Over the Net When I Shoot, What Am I doing Wrong?

Well the first thing that comes to mind is you are probably watching your shot instead of keeping your head down and following through. Don’t look up to see where the ball goes after you shoot, finish the act of the shot.

Also if you’re leaning back too much the ball will rise over the bar because your leg is forced to swing and follow through much higher.

So remember to….

-Keep your head down when shooting -Follow through and land on your shooting foot first -Your planting leg is pointing towards your target -Don’t stop and make the shot all choppy, one fluent motion

This will take you a long time to get down and after you do using it in a game and at speed are two things that you will also challenge you as you become more comfortable with the skill.

How Do I Curve the Ball?

Putting curve on a shot, pass or cross can be an effective skill to master on the pitch. It takes time and practice to really perfect this, many pro’s even struggle with this so understand the difficulty involved in adding this to your arsenal.

Essentially curving the ball is created from kicking the ball on either side (depending on which way you are curving it) making the ball spin while putting force on it to go forward. This delicate combination of spin and power makes the ball from outside in or inside out depending on the way you hit it.

How is Mastering Kicking a Soccer Ball Going to Improve My Overall Game?

Well in case you didn’t notice the basis that soccer sits on is kicking, kicking and more kicking. Becoming more comfortable with kicking with different parts of your foot and both feet will open up several more odors on the pitch in situations that use to be uncomfortable to you.

Whether it’s power, placement or curve kicking a soccer ball is an ongoing learning process, stay sharp by working on every aspect to become an all around player.

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