Soccer Formations: 4-4-2

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The most modern of soccer formations is the classic 4-4-2. It's the BLT of formations, simple, popular and loved.

So you want to play this formation on the pitch but you don't know too much about it? No problem, the in's and out's of the formation with detailed specifics on each positions role on the field on both sides of the ball.

Detailed overview of which professional sides use this formation and why it's successful for them. As well as the requirements and demands this formation takes on from an individualistic stand point and as a team. Okay Mourinho time to learn all there is about your teams shape.

Is the 4-4-2 Right For Your Team?

When determining whether soccers most used formation is for your side you need to ask yourself a few questions.

First, Does this formation provide what I want?

Second, Do I have the players necessary to accomplish what I want?

Third, Does this formation suit the players I have?

After you've answered these three questions you can start to decide if the well balanced 4-4-2 is for you.

Does this formation combined with the players you have provide a natural fit for your team to be successful? Or are you trying to fly with eagles when you're working with chickens. That's why they pay you the medium bucks coach!

As a player it's important to understand not only the responsibilities of your own position but of others as well. This deeper insight to what's expected of others as well can only help you become a better player. Sometimes knowing others roles helps you understand your own better.

Defenders Positioning

The Defensive line can play:

-Flat back 4 across the back in a straight line (most common 90% of teams with a flat back four)

-Flat back 3 with a Sweeper in behind the three acting as a safety valve (less common)

Defenders Responsibilities

As a unit the back four should:

-Work as a unit in terms of holding players in front of them accountable for their defensive obligations as well as covering for one another as the situation changes.

Center Backs:

-No one ball should beat the both of them (one steps, one provides cover at all times)

-Lead vocally and by example (organizing etc)

Outside Backs:

-Ability to patrol the flank defensively and join in the attack as well (priority to provide cover for the outside back)

-The outlet pass for central midfielders (knowing when to provide that outlet and stay and when to fly in to the attack)

Midfielders Positioning

The Midfield line can play:

-Flat 4 across the middle

-Flat 3 with a holding defensive center midfielder in behind them (so 1 defender with 3 in front)

-Flat 3 with an attacking center midfielder in front of them (so flat 3 defenders with 1 in front)

-A Diamond Shape (holding defensive center mid, two players wide, and one in front of them)

-A Square Shape (2 and then 2)

ohhhh we could go for days, the 4-4-2 in the middle has several variations.

Midfielders Responsibilities

As a unit the middle four should:

-Control the rhythm of the game and be the most creative line in the formation

-Ability to link with their teammates in front and behind them in establishing the flow of the game

-Able to attack and defend plain and simple, play on both sides of the ball

Center Midfielders:

-Able to keep the ball and create offense


-Hold the middle of the park, a teams formation is at it's highest risk when penetrated down the middle of it.

Outside Midfielders:

-Able to support the outside backs on both sides of the ball

-Give the team width and ability to serve and create from a wide position

Strikers Positioning

The Forward line can play:

-Flat 2 side by side (most common)

-One on top of the other

-Staggered in several variations

Strikers Responsibilities

-First line of defensive pressure

-Play close to one another to combine giving defenses headaches

-Give depth to the teams shape

-Oh and a goal or two would hurt (I mean it's a 4-4-2 give us something)

Some things never go out of style, jeans, mullets, mom tattoos and the 4-4-2. If you're that lone striker up top in a different formation you may want to tell you coach to give you somebody to work with up top, I mean it can't be you, it MUST be the formation right?

Many coaches like this formation because it allows for free flowing offence and you don't give up too much at the back. This set has been proven over time to be successful with the right pieces implemented, so if you hit a cold streak don't go blaming the formation.

Formations and team philosophies go hand and hand. If your coaching philosophy is that of a discipline nature and you have a formation which lacks to stress that theme then you may have some holes in your armour. Find a set that fits what you are preaching and teaching daily, the 4-4-2 might be for you.

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