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1 on 1 soccer what could be better? Wait you're just taking a player on 1 on 1? That's it? Talk to me when you're ready for 1 on 3. Enough with the fun and games lets get to the good stuff, pro's doing 1 on 1 moves that are almost unstoppable.

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1 on 1 Defending

What a great time is to be a defender, Messi? Ronaldo? never heard of them! Chiellini, Van Dyk and Ramos is more like it!

Being a great 1 on1 defender is all about being a counter puncher.  Most players when dribbling at a defender are waiting for them to bite on their first or second move to set up what they actually want to do to beat a player. If you're defending 1v1 be patient, tackle with your front foot and try and make some contact (without fouling) to slow them down and give yourself a chance to make a tackle if you need to.

10 Tips to Become a Great 1 On 1 Soccer Defender:

BE PATIENT!! They will just give you the ball!

Low athletic stance

Angle of your run

Angle of your approach

Front foot tackle

2 yard cushion

Get their fast but arrive slow

Establish early contact

Don't let them get at top speed


No Friends? No Problem.
Try These 1 on 1 Soccer Skills With A Wall

1 on 1 With the Goalkeeper

To find out how to beat the Goalie 1 on 1 we have to think about how they were taught to stop it and then do the opposite, confused yet? So if goalies are taught to stand up straight we have to go low, if they are taught to stay on their line we have to dribble in nice and close before shooting.

So how are they taught? Goalies are told to wait for the touch that is far enough out of the players foot where they can come out and collect the ball or at least cut the angle down and give the shooter no space. So what is the opposite of a long touch, small touches of course. 

Tip # 1: Take small touches when approaching the net and the 1 on 1 situation with the goalie. If you can mix up the small touches.

Now what's it going to be??? Inside, top or even outside of the foot to finish off this breakaway? Decisions, decisions. This is your next decision and it all depends on where the goalie is, where the defender tracking you down is and of course where you are on the field.

Tip # 2: Make this choice early, one less thing to think about. Rule of thumb is go into it thinking inside of the foot unless you see something that would change your mind. Make that your default, if nothing looks abnormal use it, if the keeper is way out or you don't have time you can then start to think about the chip or even toe poke.

One thing I always liked to do is eliminate the distractions, what I mean is pick a spot early then put the rest of your focus on just making really good contact with the ball. There is nothing worse then being 1 on 1 with the keeper and you miss hit it or shank it. Choose your spot on the net early, head down and focus on your foot hitting the ball solidly, nothing else.

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